I had such an amazing time while traveling in Tassie. Even though I was only there for sixteen days, I did as much and ate as much as I could. Tassie may be a small island south from Australia, but it actually feels like a big country within itself. Tassie is quite a big island and sixteen days was not enough to see everything. The beaches here are by far my favorite to walk on. The Tassie family that I met there, I will never ever forget, they made it possible for me to enjoy Tassie and almost made me want to stay here permanently. I never ever thought that I would be greeted by the infamous huntsman spider while traveling as I had totally forgotten at one point that I was in Australia. The food that I got to try was simply comfort food that I know many people would enjoy. I love that Tassie has a lot of Asian restaurants that bring their own unique cuisine all over from Asia, I wished that I could had tried them all. I know that one day, sometime in my life, I will have to revisit Tassie again.