I want to speak five different languages in my lifetime. Those langues are English, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, and American Sign Language (ASL). So far I am currently fluent in English, but only somewhat proficient in French and Spanish. For Vietnamese, I can comprehend better than speaking the language. As for ASL, I know roughly about 100 signs, but am still in the process of becoming more fluent.

I took four years of French in high school because I have a small French background within my family pedigree. I can read, write, and speak fairly well, but listening comprehension is my main weakness. I am hoping to become fairly well fluent in French when I am done traveling in France.

I wanted to learn Spanish because not only is it an easy language to learn than French, but there is roughly forty-million people in the United States that speak Spanish according to the US Census Bureau August 2017. I do plan on visiting Spanish-speaking countries like Spain for example.

My ethnicity is Vietnamese. So the only reasonable thing for me to do is to learn the language. Like I stated above, I can comprehend better than speak because my mom only talks to me in Vietnamese, and I would reply back to her in English. Honestly, the real reason why I don’t speak Vietnamese well is because I don’t have an accent for it and I was told that my speaking is terrible, so I don’t ever bother to try.

I picked up on ASL because I thought that it would be fun to learn. I started out watching YouTube videos and would practice from time to time. There has been several occasions where I have used ASL in real life and I felt pretty bad ass about that. I find that learning ASL is still really fun for me because the signs make sense to the words.

I am currently using an app called Duolingo. It is a free app that contain ads (that is no big deal) and within the app there are thirty-seven languages for English speakers to learn. The app works very well with it comes to learning a language, but my only gripe would be the constant reminder of continuing a week-long streak that eventually makes learning a language feel like a chore.