You know, I actually like Hue. It may be a small-ish city, but there are tons to do and places to eat here. A lot of people told me that two days in Hue was sufficient, but I was actually here for three days. Those three days zipped back quickly. As usual, I did a lot of exploring by foot and found a couple of places and foods to take pictures of. I walked to and glanced at the Imperial citadel palace on a hot humid day in Hue. Some of these historical structures definitely have Chinese-influenced in them. It is just amazing on how well maintained these structures still stand after hundreds of years.

Hue is the city that has some of the cheapest food compared to Hanoi. I was able to find a bowl of pho or a rice meal for 5,000VND less than in Hanoi. Now, that cost difference isn’t much for a Western traveler, but when you travel on a budget, it can make a difference. Hue was the first city that I was able to find com tam (broken rice), and let me tell you, it is a yummy fulfilling dish. Not only is broken rice served, but the meal comes with some meat, veggies, and sauces. I was very excited when I found out that sinh to (Vietnamese fruit smoothie) was much cheaper in Hue than Hanoi (about 15,000VND cheaper), I had to at least try all of the flavors (I believe there is at least fifteen different flavours). Lastly, the one dish that all travelers must try when in Hue, is the bun bo Hue (Hue’s version of a beef noodle soup). Forget getting pho here, bun bo Hue is where it is at; the broth was very flavorful and downright delicious.