Da Nang

Da Nang, Vietnam, is the number one city that I would go back and visit in a heartbeat. I had such a blast in this gorgeous city. I got to meet some new travelers through couch surfing. With the limited time that we had together, we made the most of it by motorbiking all the way from the city to the hills of Monkey Mountain. This was my second time ever motorbiking, but I manage to survive the heat, the traffic, and the steep hills. There was so much that I did in Da Nang, that I felt like there was more to do.

Da Nang has some of the best foods in all of Vietnam. The banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake) was my favorite dish out of everything that I ate in Da Nang. I just loved the idea of taking a single banh xeo, pair it with some veggies, and then roll it up tightly in rice paper. Not only was it mouthwatering, but it was messy and fun. The one most popular dish in all of Da Nang, that many locals love to eat is mi quang (Vietnamese tumeric noodles). The dish almost looks like a soup, but don’t be fooled, the dish hardly has a lot of broth unlike pho. I have been told that you can only get mi quang in Da Nang, so make sure that it on your to eat list.

I also got to eat some che thai (Vietnamese jelly and fruit dessert). This particular dessert isn’t too sweet since Vietnam is not really big on sugar; the sweetness comes from the fruit. I tried some other cold beverages in Da Nang; watermelon juice and chocolate milk tea. As always, I had to try some more sinh to (Vietnamese fruit smoothie) while in Da Nang. The flavor that I got this time was sinh to thanh long (dragon fruit), the flavor was by far my favorite. It tasted like and looked like an Oreo milkshake.