When it comes to traveling, a lot of people believe that they need tens of thousands of dollars to travel continuously. Well that is not the case. The key to traveling longer is to budget, budget, and budget. Budget? What do I mean by that? Well when it comes to budgeting it makes to go with the most cost-effective route of your trip. Instead of staying in a five-star hotel that you know you can’t afford, try to stay in hostels, couch surfing, or Airbnb if you must. Instead of eating at the expensive touristy areas, opt for eating in areas the locals eat. Not only are you going to save tons of money in the long run, but you get to experience the food of what the locals actually eat.

I plan to budget as much as possible in this travel journey. I would rather go where the locals go to eat and shop, and I would rather sleep in a dorm with eight other people for ten to fifteen dollars a night than a private room for sixty dollars or more. I would rather be seated in a cramped economical class for a quarter of the price that of business or first class.  Those are just a few example of how I am budgeting this travel journey. Traveling can be affordable, you just got to go to places where your currency can go really far.