Vietnamese cuisine: Bánh xèo

Vietnamese bánh xèo basically translates into pancake, however, it does not look like a normal pancake that you would see at an IHOP. Bánh xèo is basically the Asian version of an American pancake that has its own unique flavors and characteristics. Bánh xèo cost between 60,000VND  - 90,000VND+ ($2.57USD - $3.85USD+) more than a bowl of phó … Continue reading Vietnamese cuisine: Bánh xèo

Budget travel: Vietnam

Vietnam is an extremely budget friendly country for backpackers. Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia along with Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Most of those countries themselves are affordable on a budget. Accommodation, food, and transport are affordable in general. I was in Vietnam for one whole month. I arrived at the international airport in Hanoi, … Continue reading Budget travel: Vietnam