Why I am a minimalist

I found out about minimalism through binge watching Ted-Talks back in early 2015. I stumbled upon a Ted-Talk where two gentlemen talked about what minimalism was and how it was beneficial for them. Their message hit me and made me soon realized that the stuff that I owned was just taking up space in my life.

I spent an entire week purging and decluttering my possessions that I no longer needed. At first, I felt really overwhelmed because I did not realize that I had so much stuff and I had no idea where to start. I began with things that were easy to donate such as clothes. I probably had over one-hundred pieces of clothing items and out of all of them I probably only wore about twenty of them. I was surprised that some of the clothes still had tags on them. I only kept clothes that were my favorite to wear; everything else got donated.

The next group of items were junk items that had little use for me. Some of these things consisted of items that I got for free at certain events or stores. I could not understand why I had kept these items for some many years. The mindless consumption has led me to keep items to take up more space in my life. This behavior definitely does mentally and physically drain me without me knowing it. All of the junk items were easily donated to the nearest Goodwill or Thrift store.

After purging and decluttering most of my possessions, I felt a huge weight lifted off of my chest and I felt relieved in knowing that I finally did this sooner rather than later on in life. I definitely do see how owning less has tremendous benefits for me. I can now focus more on life experiences rather than getting the latest smart phone or trendy item. All of my possessions now have a use/purpose rather than just collecting dust, therefore I am more of a conscious consumer. And by owning less, this makes me more mobile – especially when it comes to traveling.

I hope that this blog has helps you guys understand on how I became a minimalist. I said that this blog will have topics about minimalism; this is the first one of many. To this day I still am practicing minimalism as I still do find items to sell or donate here and there. I look forward to writing the next minimalism blog for you guys.



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