Roadtrip #1: Chicago, IL

There is always something that is memorable when going on a roadtrip. Maybe it is the journey to the destination, maybe it is the deep talks or laughs in the car, or maybe it is the unexpected events that no one is ever prepare for. That is the beauty of going on a roadtrip.

I love going on roadtrips; especially with family or friends. I went on a three-day roadtrip with my sister and my niece to Chicago, Illinois. This was a spontaneous trip as I had very little time to prepare, but I managed. The plan was to meet our relatives that we hardly see, and to seek out some good ol’ Chicago-style cuisine. I was certainly looking forward to both of these activities.

Day 1:

We left early morning since it was going to be a six-hour drive from we were live. My sister did all of the driving there and back since we went in her car. We only made stops just get to gas because we did not want to waste any precious minute on this roadtrip. The drive getting to there was not bad at all. We arrived in downtown Chicago by late noon and stayed with our cousin’s place.

Now, I have been to Illinois before, but I have never been to the downtown Chicago area. My cousin showed us some of her favorite places to go to such as Chicago’s Chinatown and the magnificent Cloud Gate. There was always something to see and to do whilst in Chicago, that is the one thing that I loved about Chicago – the city felt lively.

I had a small to-do list whilst I was in Chicago. Everything on that to-do list was all about eating the amazing food in Chicago. I got to try an authentic Chicago-style hotdog and some deep-dish pizza; it was heavenly. I also had one of THE best cupcakes ever – soft, creamy, and light on the frosting. I was not disappointed at all with the food that I had in Chicago on my first day.

Day 2:

Our cousin and her boyfriend took us out for breakfast at the popular Original Pancake House. They had us in a queued for twenty-five minutes, but the wait was well worth it. I got myself a satisfying potato breakfast skillet that fulfilled my emptied stomach.

For the second day we met up with our other relatives from Illinois in Peoria, IL. It has been ages since we last met with them, so since we were in town we figured that it was a perfect opportunity to meet up. We met at the Peoria Zoo for a few hours sight-seeing all of the animals from lions to goats. It was a perfect place for my niece.

For dinner we ate at a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Noodle House. I ordered myself a bowl of phở tái, and it was so good that I had forgotten to take a picture of it. It was a great experience to see my relatives again, and I hope that we can meet more than once in a year.

After dinner, we parted ways and drove back to Chicago to spend our last night at our cousin’s place. By the time we had arrived back into Chicago at 10PM, we were all ready to go to bed. I was definitely looking forward to getting some sleep after a long day of sitting in a car.

Potato breakfast skillet

Day 3:

We had everything packed and ready for the journey back home. Before leaving Illinois, we had one last relative to visit in Glenview, IL. We left our cousin’s place early morning and made the hour drive to Glenview. There we met our other cousin who was happy to take us out for breakfast at the Eggsperience Cafe as we did some catching up.

It was bittersweet knowing that we were leaving Illinois so shortly, I would had love to stay longer, but it was time to go back home. Now, the only thing that I dread about going on roadtrips are the long drives going back home. It feel like forever to be honest, and I do not know why. We got back home a little late, but we still had a few hours left to enjoy my day. I cannot wait to going on another roadtrip, maybe for the next one I will head out West or go down South, that would be quite an adventure.



2 thoughts on “Roadtrip #1: Chicago, IL

  1. I’m glad you’re still traveling!! And I’m happy this trip was good. I’ll be heading to Chicago in a few months, so thanks for the food ideas.


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