Post travel gear evaluation cont.

Already, here is the continuation from the Post travel gear evaluation. I have written a list of the things that worked for me and the things that did not work for me, while I was traveling for three months. This list made me realize that I should only bring what is necessary for me rather than bringing things that are convenient. Items that are small, portable, and light are ideal for me since it makes traveling a whole lot easier and less stressful.

Here is the list of what worked for me

  • Power bank/portable charger (could have been smaller) – My Charmast power bank was perfect for when there were no outlets available, but the power bank itself is quite bulky.
  • Pens – Pens are great to travel with when it is time to fill out certain paperwork when arriving to another country because sometimes there are no pens that are available.
  • Spork – This is great to have if you want to be cautious about the silverware at hostels.
  • Flashlight – A great tool to have when walking to the restroom at night at a campsite.
  • Travel adapter – This is a MUST if you plan to travel internationally.
  • TSA locks – These are helpful to keep your equipment safe from theft.
  • Packing cube – Perfect for keeping my backpack organized.
  • Flip flops – Flip flops are multipurpose footwear for shower shoes and for hot countries like Vietnam. Plus they are easy to travel with.
  • Phone charger – A backup just in case for when I need to recharge my power bank
  • Ziploc bags – Not only are these so versatile, these also it helps with organization.
  • Plastic bags – I used these for dirty clothes and footwear.
  • Dry bag 5L – I used my dry bag as a day pack for me because it is light, portable, and waterproof. If I ever find myself in water my contents are all safe in my dry bag.

Here is the list of what didn’t work for me

  • Hydro flask water bottle 32oz/0.94L – Too bulky, leaked while flying, and just a pain to carry around.
  • Extra shirts – Three shirts are perfect for me; 1 clean shirt, 1 washed shirt, 1 being used.
  • Sea to summit pack-lite towel (size large) – Mine was too large for me, a small size would had been perfect since I only need to use it to dry myself.
  • Osage River Osceola backpack 35L – This backpack worked, but I ended up filling every space that was available, thus I brought unnecessary things.
  • Laptop – Even though I used my laptop quite often; this laptop weighed only 4lbs (1.82kg), carrying it over time was a hassle for my back and shoulders.
  • Laptop charger – I would not need to bring one if I do not have a laptop.
  • Apeman action camera – I rarely used my action camera because I did not want to prioritize capturing footage over enjoying the moments whilst traveling.
  • Backpack rain cover – I never go outside if it rains because I do not want to have myself and my stuff soaked wet.

– Minh



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