Karaoke with strangers

I never would had thought participating in karaoke would be so much fun, especially with thirteen other strangers. This all occurred in the lovely city of Melbourne, Australia. I was couching surfing at the time, and one day my host had invited me to attend his friend’s birthday party that evening. I was looking for a memorable experience in the city so this was a perfect opportunity for me. There would be no one that I would know, except for my couch surfing host.

The dinner party took place at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Melbourne-Chinatown. I was not sure what to expect, but I was excited to eat some amazing food and meet new people. At the restaurant, everyone there was friendly and they all welcomed me. My host informed me that after eating, we were all going to go to a karaoke bar. I have never done karaoke before in my life, but I have seen many of my older relatives (aunts and uncles) get really into it. I was totally up for this.

The karaoke bar was actually quite nice. We had our own private room for 4 hours, and the place offered room service for snacks and beverages. Everyone had to picked a song that they would have to sing; I went with 24k by Bruno Mars. I was quite nervous when it was my turn, but everyone was having such a blast that we did not care about how bad our singing was, all that mattered was that we all were having fun.

I put in 110% into that song and nailed it. Eventually, Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus was on the playlist and everyone made me sing it because it was appropriate to have an American sing it and I was the only one. I did not object, and I nailed that song too. I never realized that karaoke can be really fun when everyone is trying to hit those high notes and singing throwback songs from old Disney’s movies, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and etc.

By the time we had an hour left in the room, everyone’s vocal cords and throat just gave out, but we all continue to sing in our raspy creaking voice. It was hilarious. I think at one point, I just started humming into the mic as a way to substitute for my sore raspy voice. At the end of the night we all said our goodbyes and parted ways. This experience will forever be one the top experiences in this adventure project.



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