McDonald’s: Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia (airport)

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, is where I had my second international McDonald’s. I had it at the airport during an hour layover. I spotted a McDonald’s in their food court and I was curious to see what kind of food the airport McDonald’s served – I was not disappointed. There was one particular meal that caught my attention. I do not remember the name, but I do have a picture of it.

I am betting that this particular meal can only be found in Malaysia, and nowhere else in the world. It came with rice, a piece of fried chicken, some brown dressing sauce, some sad pieces of lettuces, and thankfully – french fries. It wasn’t the best meal that I had at a McDonald’s, but at least it kept my hunger satiated. The rice was tasteless, the fried chicken was dry, the brown dressing sauce was salty, and the lettuces was unnecessary. With that being said, I am not trying to say that it was the worst food that I ever had, but I only ate it for the experience since it is unique to a McDonald’s.


Mmmmmm, appetizing.




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