T-minus 53 days

Today marks the official day of this travel blog coming to life. I honestly didn’t think that I would start blogging a month in advance. I was hoping to start around February, but this gives me more time to become more familiar with blogging so that I can produce high quality content for you guys.

I have roughly fifty-three days left until I leave for my travel journey. Each and every day as I get closer to the date – March 6th, 2018, I grow anxious of what lies ahead of me. I know that is something that I have been planning for many months now, but is fifty-five days enough for me to become mentally and physically prepared? For those who are new to my blog, welcome, and let me provide you the contexts of how I got here.

The idea of traveling around the world all began during the summer months of 2016. I developed a habit of watching a bunch of YouTube videos where people were traveling around the world, having the time of their lives, and were actually living life! I could not believe that this type of lifestyle actually exist. Eventually, I became hooked with the idea of traveling as a lifestyle. I read a lot of travel blogs and watched YouTube videos on how those people achieved that particular lifestyle. In the end, I learned that there are many ways to travel as a lifestyle, and so I began planning.

Even though I could plan my entire travel journey and fantasize being somewhere warm on a beach, I had to first finish my undergraduate at the University of Minnesota. Luckily, I was in my senior year as I was planning my trips. I graduated in May 2017 with a Kinesiology degree, and I would begin my travel journey seven months later. While I was planning everything out, I had picked up more hours at my work since I will need to save up a lot of money if I were to do this.

Fast forward to October 2017, I had learned that my older sister is having her wedding in February 2018. I knew that this conflicted with my travel plans because I intended to go to her wedding, hopefully in late 2018. So instead of leaving on my travel journey in December 2017, I had delayed it three months back to March 2018. I wasn’t too bummed out by this since this would give me three more months of work which means more money to travel with.

If you liked my first blog and want to support it, please feel free to share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. It would mean so much to me if you can do that.

– Minh


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